At Goel we pride ourselves on standing out from the competition. We are not merely interested in acquiring new business; we are interested in helping our clients to succeed. We treat each merchant as if it were our only customer by tailoring our programs specifically to its needs and ensuring that its money works harder for it and it gets maximum value from its relationship with us.


Service, savings and security – those are what Goel is all about. Our wide variety of processing solutions and the meticulous care that we put into each account have yielded a 90% retention rate that we strive not only to maintain, but also to improve upon. While other banks and merchant services providers focus on meeting expectations, we are setting the bar. 
Merchant services fees are an unavoidable expense these days. However, just because you have to pay does not mean that you have to settle. At Goel we believe that an account with us entitles you to more. We believe that you should get superior service, the best tools, and competitive pricing. The service you receive should be tailored to your needs, and the relationship with your sales representative should not end with opening your account. You should have access to a complete range of products designed to increase your revenue and create customer loyalty. Your money should always be available immediately and in full.
To prove our seriousness, we are offering a 60-day trial period. So come see what the best merchant services experience is really like at Goel.