Check Processing

Check Processing is a modern, technologically-advanced method of accepting and depositing check payments for your business operations. This process is simple and easy to implement, and will reward you with peace of mind about your funds.

Check Processing Tools



Experience the convenience of check processing either at point of sale or by mail. This service makes accepting checks as easy as accepting credit cards. Check 21+ offers service with the efficiency and speed of the 21st century.



If your business needs to set up and maintain an automated payment system then an Automated Clearing House solution is for you. Adopt a system that sets up automated recurring or one-time debits from checking accounts. With ACH you can avoid inefficient expenses as well as redundant work.



With most financial transactions in the modern business world happening in an online mode, electronic check processing is the only logical continuation of financial payments evolution. Use this online solution to send and accept electronic checks and add convenience and efficiency to your financial department.



Are speed and security crucial to your business? Process your check payments electronically at your point of sale and have the funds available as fast as from debit transactions. Don’t waste your time traveling to the bank; just transmit checks electronically with secure verification measures.