Experience all the benefits of Point of Sale without spending thousands of dollars on it. Goel presents one of the most advanced and robust cloud-based tablet POS systmes, which will allow you to have your entire business at your fingertips wherever you go. Try us for 60 days risk-free.


Mika POS is an amazing solution that brings many valuable features to your business.


Customizable Menu Builder allows merchants to create pages where they place their custom menu items and promotion buttons, all in a matter of minutes! The setup is streamlined and easy to use.

Time and Attendance allows management to seamlessly create and send schedules to employees, and enables both management and employees to post messages to one another. T&A also features exportable reports that make it easier for the merchant’s payroll company to issue pay.

Menu Shortcuts allow you to navigate the menu and locate menu items in seconds, whether there are four or four thousand items. You can even search for a particular item by name.

Sales Reports are configurable in an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly format. Whether you are looking for broad strokes or in-depth profit and loss reports, our system provides it all.

Management Reports are a manager ’s dream. From payment breakdown and profit-per-item to detailed inventory and marketing and financial reports, the merchant can easily generate all of these and more with the touch of a button.

Transaction History provides you with a comprehensive history of all of your orders with all the relevant information you need.

Smart Ordering automatically stores customer data for quick and easy future transactions – whether walk-in, pick-up, delivery or dine-in.

Restaurant Mode allows the user to easily settle tips, split and transfer tickets, and save open tabs for additional sales.

Retail Mode supports unlimited menu items that are immediately retrievable via a barcode scanner or the menu pages.

Zuza Loyalty and Rewards offers you a user-friendly, custom-tailored program that allows you to set up your own unique programs and rewards.

MIKA POS Backend is a robust and user-friendly virtual backend loaded with informational videos and advice.