OMAHA, Neb. 2/07/13 – The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a management consulting company focused on the payments industry, has recently become one of a very select few of approved vendors for Global Acquirer Risk (GARS) reviews.
As an approved vendor, TSG possesses the experience and qualifications necessary to perform thorough reviews of acquiring operations. TSG is one of only four firms globally that have been deemed eligible to complete GARS reviews by Visa.
The primary purpose of GARS reviews is to perform an evaluation of a company’s risk profile and controls utilized to provide oversight to its ISOs and Agents. Some key areas TSG focuses on during GARS reviews include: Merchant Signing and Policy; Merchant Agreement Standards; Merchant Application Standards; Settlement Operations; Merchant Monitoring, Training Merchants; Agent Program Management; and Data Security.
“Our extensive expertise in this area stems from TSG Associates in the operational and risk segments of the payments industry and it further solidifies our position as the trusted advisor to the payments industry,” said TSG Managing Partner Kurt Strawhecker.
Merchant acquirers are required to select an approved vendor to conduct on-site risk reviews, which are either mandated by Visa, or proactively chosen by the member to ensure their business processes are sound. “Susan Horne and Michael Campbell, TSG’s resident experts regarding risk and operational compliance, bring years of experience to our clients”, said TSG Partner Jamie Savant.
Interested merchant portfolio managers should contact to learn more about TSG’s GARS services.
About The Strawhecker Group
The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is a management consulting company focused on the payments industry. The company specializes in providing financial institutions, issuers, merchant acquirers, card associations, processing companies, large merchants, and the investment community with advisory services to maximize their growth and profitability. TSG is also a resource of payments industry research, benchmark studies and developing trends. For more information please visit

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Source: Paymentspulse

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