This report is a compilation and analysis of US economic data. Its intent is to provide a deeper understanding of the US economy and therefore, the ability for ETA members to better assess their position in the current economic climate. This is the 16th edition of the report released quarterly. Please reference cited sources for more detailed statistics. The views expressed are those of ETA/TSG and are subject to change. They are shared for educational purposes only. The information is based upon information we consider reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed.
This edition contains exciting new data, including the following that is featured in the Introduction Section of this report:

GDP versus SMB Same Store Sales (pg. 3)

GDP performance is compared to same store sales performance from TSG’s database of 1.5 million merchants representative of ~15% of U.S. brick & mortar merchants

V/MC Volume Growth Prediction (pg. 4)

TSG ran five scenarios of economic performance through 2018 in order to project the rate of Visa/MasterCard dollar volume growth

Gross Profit Value Index of U.S. Merchant Portfolios (pg. 6)

TSG has created an index representing the overall movement in the value of U.S. merchant acquiring portfolios using its database of 1.5 million merchants. This index is titled the GPVI (GPVI = Gross Profit Value Index) and presents the change in the collective portfolio value indicator.

Click here to read the full report.

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Source: Paymentspulse

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