PC Magazine – 1/14/14: While Target is still keeping mum on how attackers managed to breach its network and hoover up information belonging to more than 70 million shoppers, we now know that RAM scraping malware was used in the attack. “We don’t know the full extent of what transpired, but what we do know is that there was malware installed on our point-of-sale registers. That much we’ve established,” Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said in an interview with CNBC discussing the recent breach. The company initially said payment card information for 40 million people who shopped at one of its retail outlets over the holiday season were compromised. Target said last week that personal information for 70 million people were also stolen, and that any shopper who came to the stores in all of 2013 were at risk.
Click here to read more: http://securitywatch.pcmag.com/business-financial/319767-how-ram-scraper-malware-stole-data-from-target-neiman-marcus

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