OMAHA, NE, April 18, 2014: The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a management consulting company focused on the global electronic payments industry, is pleased to announce the release of the firm’s 400th  edition of NewsFilter.
Started in 2006, TSG’s NewsFilter is a weekly email newsletter that provides the industry with need-to- know payments news and TSG insights. Over the years TSG’s subscriber base has grown to over 12,000 individuals globally with circulation that includes ISOs, banks and financial institutions, card brands, issuers, capital firms, major merchants, hardware providers, VARS and other various payments related companies such as prepaid card providers, technology companies and electronic payment support firms.
NewsFilter is frequently praised throughout the industry by veterans as being their sole source of payments news coverage. Andrew Nuss, Co-Editor of NewsFilter and Marketing Manager, said “It is a great experience working on NewsFilter each week. The coverage in our industry is always shifting and evolving, creating a new adventure each week for myself and our readers.”
Trending topics of the last five years include:

· 2010
o Potential effects of proposed interchange regulation
o Industry M&A (Vantiv acquired NPC, TSYS joint venture with FNBO, and RBS sold WorldPay)
· 2011
o IRS delay on credit card processors
o Federal Reserve debit card interchange ruling
· 2012
o Global Payments data breach
o Visa and MasterCard new acquirer fees
· 2013
o Retail blasts EMV switch
o Mobile payments (Square, NFC, and Wallets Oh My)
· 2014 (So far)
o Bitcoin boom or bust
o Target data breach
o Chip & PIN shift

“Without the support of our subscriber base, NewsFilter would not be what it has evolved into today. We would like to thank our subscribers for their continued feedback, accolades, and readership,” says Jamie Savant, Partner & Co-Founder of TSG.
To sign-up and receive TSG’s NewsFilter click here.
About TSG
The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is a management consulting company focused on the payments industry. The company specializes in providing financial institutions, merchant acquirers, card associations, ISOs, processing companies, large merchants, and the investment community with advisory services to maximize their growth and profitability. TSG is also a resource of merchant acquiring industry research, benchmark studies and developing trends. For more information please visit

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