Digital Transactions:
Independent sales organizations and acquirers looking for a payment gateway have another resource to use. Payments consultancy The Strawhecker Group recently released its Payment Gateway Directory, which catalogs 58 data points about 73 companies.
The report also analyzed the performance of the gateways by assessing the account-boarding process, evaluating developer tools and application programming interface technology, sending real-time transactions through the gateway, and by completing the process of opening a merchant account. Among the slate of top-performing gateways are CyberSource, BluePay, Shopify, Worldpay, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.
Payment gateways are viewed by many as essential to providing integrated payments, which connects point-of-sale software used on computers to the payments system, says Jared Drieling, Strawhecker senior director of business intelligence, says in an email to Digital Transactions News.

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