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The Strawhecker Group (TSG), the largest analytics and consulting firm focused on the payments acceptance industry, is pleased to announce new milestones for the firm’s industry-first analytic products today at ETA’s TRANSACT 18.
“In an industry where credible, dynamic data has become top-of-mind, TSG’s proprietary platforms have become go-to tools for many of our clients,” said Kurt Strawhecker, Managing Partner at TSG. “With a 97% retention rate, our clients are clearly finding value in the performance metrics we provide.”
Merchant acquirers representing 63% of the dollar volume in the U.S. market are now using TSG’s Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM) platform to help manage their business. AIM is a powerful platform given the scale of its consistent data (3.6 million merchants) gathered over time from like portfolios (30 portfolios/8+ years), with metrics calculated via an easily accessible Portal.
“To put its scale and breadth into perspective, nearly half of all retail establishments across 99% of zip codes are within the AIM database,” said Jamie Savant, Co-Founder and Partner at TSG.
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