By Trevor Forbes, Director of Metrics, The Strawhecker Group

The topic of net neutrality has recently been beaming around all corners of the internet, generating 33 million search hits on Google. Many are discussing how the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to dismantle protections that keep internet traffic equal will impact their experiences across many facets of their lives.
With the electronic payments industry being a starting player in the internet game, having a free-flowing internet is fundamental. Those in favor of dismantled net neutrality, or at least those who are not concerned about it, cite a few reasons as to why it will not harm the internet as we know it. These reasons include the fact that ISPs have made statements that they will not discriminate against internet traffic; that problems with neutrality did not arise before the 2015 Obama-era regulations intended to preserve equality; and that these laws will encourage ISPs to build up their networks.
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