Throughout October TSG provided content on a variety of topics relating to the payments industry in an effort to build awareness around the importance of using analytics to enhance decision-making.
See below for the most popular material from each week, and a recap if you missed any content during the month.
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Week 1: Average Life – Credit Card Processing

For credit card processing relationships, healthcare merchants stay with their provider the longest at 48 months. Conversely, Eating and Drinking merchants are near the bottom of the pack, staying with their provider for 31 months.
Week 1 Content

Week 2: “Best of Breed” Ease of Acceptance Providers

TSG’s eCommerce Merchant Experience reflects the ease of acceptance for a startup, SMB eCommerce retail merchant. TSG rates payments providers across six categories to assess difficulty from the merchant perspective. The illustration showcases those that have “Best of Breed” solutions in that particular category.
Week 2 Content

Week 3: How Much is the Market Growing

How much is the U.S. payments market growing? It depends. It depends on the time period, the calculation, the definition of growth, and the data set. TSG has prepared a collection of growth rates from an aggregation of public sources (left chart) and TSG’s AIM database of 3.7M card accepting merchants (right charts).  One thing is for sure – the industry is healthy.
Week 3 Content

Week 4: ISV Channel Growth

Integrated payment solutions drive a “stickier” base of merchant businesses, as backend processes become intertwined with front-end systems. Many merchant acquirers and ISOs have accelerated the pace at which they have partnered with ISVs in order to expand their software-enabled footprints especially in education, healthcare, government, and financial services. ISV residuals are expected to increase.
Week 4 Content

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