Week 2 of ‘Payments Analytics Month’ illustrates a selection of vital data-points from GEM. The GEM platform contains merchant, developer and performance data for subscribing gatewayss that account for approximately two-thirds of eCommerce spend in the U.S.
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“Best of Breed” Ease of Acceptance Providers

TSG’s eCommerce Merchant Experience reflects the ease of acceptance for a startup, SMB eCommerce retail merchant. TSG rates payments providers across six categories to assess difficulty from the merchant perspective. The illustration showcases those that have “Best of Breed” solutions in that particular category.

Authorization Failures 

The illustration uses data from August and September (a sample of over 250,000 transactions) to estimate the number of failed transactions and lost sales for merchants (and volume for payments providers) in the U.S. over this two month period.

Average Gateway API Ratings

Gateways, on average, rate worst within Developer Tools. Low scoring gateways generally lack supplemental tools creating a more difficult environment for developers to test/integrate. TSG is currently enhancing its API assessment to provide a deep-dive into 50+ ‘Best in Breed’ API offerings in comparison to GEM subscribers.

Transaction Response Time/Success

When looking at success rate, the YTD average is 99.96% with the lowest point reaching 99.75%. TSG is currently beta-testing card network comparisons (Mastercard/Visa) in relation to transaction speed/success.

Subscribers have seen significant value in GEM through countless real-world scenarios that have helped them maintain their SLA’s, increase merchant retention, and build credibility. Contact TSG to setup an GEM demo.

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