Week 3 of ‘Payments Analytics Month’ illustrates a selection of vital data-points from TSG’s research divison. In an industry where credible intel is top-of-mind, TSG has the go-to data for clients.
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How Much is the Market Growing

How much is the U.S. payments market growing? It depends. It depends on the time period, the calculation, the definition of growth, and the data set. TSG has prepared a collection of growth rates from an aggregation of public sources (left chart) and TSG’s AIM database of 3.7M card accepting merchants (right charts).  One thing is for sure – the industry is healthy.

ISV Long Tail Analysis – Health & Beauty Space

Partnering with the 10 largest ISVs in the defined health & beauty vertical provides access to 42% of all estimated card processing volume (via the ISV channel) in this vertical.

Performance of Public Payments Companies

The illustration shows the performance of a $100 investment in an index of selected payments companies which represent the “TSG Payments Index” – this index is calculated on a value weighted basis using market capitalization and is compared to the S&P 500 which is also calculated using the same methodology.

Google Trends – Card Networks

While Visa and Mastercard dominate the U.S. payment network market, a major reason search results trend below other networks is likely the fact that Visa and Mastercard do not have a direct relationship with the consumer market (i.e. the relationship is with the cardholder’s bank); whereas PayPal, American Express, and Discover do have direct consumer relationships, which will drive more consumer web searches.

Custom Research
TSG’s dedicated team of analysts can complete any ad-hoc request by its clients. Email us to setup a time to discuss your project.
Looking for ISVs? TSG can curate custom-ISV target lists to help you penetrate specific verticals.

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