Week 4 of ‘Payments Analytics Month’ illustrates a selection of fintech-focused data-points prepared by TSG. If you have been attending Money20/20 this week chances are you will find some great content/talking points.
Click the links below for illustrations and additional data points

SMB Mystery Shopping – Merchant Experience Assessment

TSG’s TruShop leverages merchant level insight and engages directly with payment providers to uncover what merchants experience during the sales and onboarding process. For example, in regards to Risk Sensitivity, Square sees the lowest friction in relation to the complexity of items required for underwriting purposes.

Shopify Company Snapshot

The timeline displays the chronological development of Shopify versus other developing competitors. Shopify is the latest release of TSG’s ongoing Company Snapshot series of Fintech disruptors within the payment industry. Coming Soon: Adyen Snapshot

ISV Channel Growth

Integrated payment solutions drive a “stickier” base of merchant businesses, as backend processes become intertwined with front-end systems. Many merchant acquirers and ISOs have accelerated the pace at which they have partnered with ISVs in order to expand their software-enabled footprints especially in education, healthcare, government, and financial services. ISV residuals are expected to increase.

Restaurant Technology Landscape

This graphic details the complicated software landscape of the restaurant industry. It illustrates just a small portion of software providers that all compete for the same population of merchants, further highlighting the importance of targeted software partnerships for payment providers.

Integrated Cloud-Based POS Environment

The POS space is evolving. For example, a fully integrated POS system (smart terminal), is an entity with proprietary POS software and proprietary POS hardware that is primarily cloud based, operating on a tablet or mobile device. See what companies make up the sections of the integrated POS ‘iceberg’.

Growth of Fintech

2018 investments in U.S. based fintech companies accounted for 430 deals totaling approximately $15 billion. Most of the funds were concentrated in emerging markets such as regtech, blockchain, financial services, and AI. Most financial services execs believe that part of their business is at risk of being lost to stand-alone fintech companies.

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