HPS is a provider of a world class payments platform called PowerCARD. The company has offices located in various major business centres in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia and will be opening an office in the US in 2019 to support its clients in North America.
PowerCARD is HPS’ comprehensive payment platform that automates processing and settlement of any transaction coming from any channel initiated by any means-of-payment, for any kind of merchant.
Used by more than 400 financial institutions, card processors, merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) retailers and regional switches in over 90 countries around the world.    With PowerCARD, HPS gives U.S. merchant acquirers, issuers, banks and ISOs the power to take control of their operations and benefit from a modern, flexible and modular technology stack, to reduced expense and significantly improve time to market for new products and services. It is this aspect of control that drives organizations to move to in-house technology and or replace legacy platforms.
Recent signatures and successful project deployments in the U.S. with renown credit institutions and retailers has proved HPS ability to deliver innovative payment processing platforms here in the US.  PowerCARD-Acquirer is HPS’s in-house comprehensive merchant management platform enabling acquirers to tailor specific solutions for merchants. The solution offers a high degree of flexibility and configurability to address evolving regulatory and innovative business requirements. At TSG, we think HPS offers an interesting and broad platform that should be evaluated as an alternative to the status quo and given their success in the US to date; said another way, we think their platform is one to watch.

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