The payments industry is undergoing rapid change and growth due to mega-mergers, new fintech solutions, and changing merchant and consumer expectations. Is your payment platform able to keep up with these changes? Are you protecting your current merchants and future growth?

Payment platforms serve as the front-line tool in providing
merchants with the best performance and processing solutions. TSG sees payment
system performance gaps regularly using GEM.
An inability to process payments or issues that delay authorizations cost
merchants and payment providers. Beyond stifling performance and growth,
outdated payment platforms may bear higher maintenance cost and may be at a
higher risk for a data breach.

Leverage TSG’s payment platform report to help evaluate the status your platform. The paper includes:

A look at global payment platform performance variability using TSG’s GEM toolA review of payment platform upgradesIdentification of the optimal payment platform upgrade that provides the best combination of high security, fast performance, low cost, minimal risk and minimal timeA dive into the four critical factors to future-proof your payment platform – security, performance, cost and a good partner like Pure Storage

Download White Paper from Pure Storage: How to Upgrade Your Payment Platform to Guarantee Merchant Growth Access

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