The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is pleased to recognize a selection of payments companies for their exceptional start-up, small and medium-sized (SMB) eCommerce merchant experience. Read the press release.Powered by TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform*, GEM completes an anonymous process of opening new merchant accounts to obtain the ability to accept cards online. This process is used to measure and rate the varying degrees of difficulty that startup, SMBs face.

Ease to Launch – Square

The Ease to Launch award reflects the easiest overall gateway to utilize for a start-up eCommerce SMB, from building its website to accepting online payments. Square is receiving this award due to its complete performance across building a website with a shopping cart, completing a merchant application with underwriting, and estimated annual cost.Runner-Up: WePay

Best Sales Process – Shopify

The Best Sales Process award encompasses the time, effort, and complexity of the merchant application and underwriting process. Shopify is receiving this award due to their streamlined online application process and quick underwriting.Runner-Ups: Square / WePay

Lowest Cost – WePay

The Lowest Cost award estimates a merchants’ annual costs of building/maintaining a website, gateway fees, cost to process transactions, and anything else incurred during setup. WePay is receiving this award for their lack of merchant costs related to managing a website or gateway access, as well as competitive processing rates.Runner-Ups: BluePay / Square

*GEM is the only tool in the market that benchmarks from the merchant, developer and gateway performance perspective. Current subscribers account for an estimated 66% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S. Learn more about GEM.

Companies and/or products considered for any TSG awards may or may not include clients of TSG and does not necessarily represent all companies or products in the market. This analysis is based upon information we consider reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Information provided is not all inclusive. All information listed is as available from 8/15/19 – 9/15/19. The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is not and/or may not be endorsed, sponsored by, or in any other way affiliated with the any companies or their logos illustrated in this presentation. The trademarks shown are registered and their own. This document has not been prepared by any entity displayed.

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