Barclaycard has announced a deal to become the preferred payments partner for the 60,000 online retailers hosted on BigCommerce‘s SaaS e-commerce platform.

The new partnership will see Barclaycard’s infrastructure integrate directly into the BigCommerce platform, which will allow merchants to have their payments system set up within days rather than weeks or months, with a dedicated support team from the start.

Future developments could see the introduction of Barclaycard’s fraud detection and security services, and products that help compliance with new regulations, such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

The initiative is part of a trend among banks to embed their products and services within third party e-commerce sites and direct-to-consumer technology businesses.

Mark Adams, general director, BigCommerce Europe, says: “Trust, particularly during the payment process, is an integral part of the relationship between merchant and consumer. Our job as an e-commerce platform is to not only provide merchants the tools necessary to build and scale a successful business, but to do so in a way that further cements that critical brand trust”


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