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This Week’s M&A Overview

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has largely affected many firms’ deal making process which has evidently slowed down activity in the M&A space across a variety of different industries. This continued to be apparent throughout the week with many payment companies remaining silent of any deal announcements. Ensuring that the right deal agreement is properly executed is crucial in this economic environment, which has led to further delays and even cancelations of deals.

While the foreseeable future carries many uncertainties due to COVID-19, M&A activity in the fintech space could pick up in later 2020. As some players see their valuations decline and their funding dry up, investors may see this as the right opportunity to make a move which has allowed investors to carry more leverage during this time. Many large payments entities with deep pockets and significant resources that are able to weather the storm are also appearing to transition into an offensive stance which could result in a slight uptick in deal activity over the coming months

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