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This Week’s M&A Overview

As the coronavirus continues to reshape most major industries, one industry in particular is gaining a lot of attention. Healthcare is becoming more vital in markets across the world and providers of healthcare technologies are seeing increased opportunities. This week Ontario Systems announced their acquisition of SwervePay, a payment provider with a large focus in the healthcare market. With this acquisition, Ontario Systems expects to enhance their consumer payment engagement across their software suite and drive additional revenue. The company handles nearly $35 billion in payment volume across thousands of clients each year.

M&A activity for the past several weeks has dipped across most industries due to the current economic environment. However, businesses are beginning to reopen across the nation and payment volumes are seeing an uptick. Because of this, firms may start to shift towards more opportunistic outlooks in the market. This may further fuel M&A discussions, especially among those put on delay due to uncertainties at the time.
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