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The big card networks have been introducing a one-click e-commerce checkout and plan to take it overseas by next year, but now a Ripple Labs Inc. executive may beat them to the punch with a single-click capability for Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency.

In what he characterizes as a “personal project,” Ripple director of product Craig DeWitt announced some enhancements over the weekend that add instant person-to-person payments capability and one-click checkouts to Payburner, a digital wallet for XRP that DeWitt introduced in December.

The new features, which are part of a beta launch, also include an integration with PayID, a cross-network routing standard introduced in June by the Open Payments Coalition, a group of 46 payments companies that includes Ripple. The standard looks to attach an identifier that allows transactions to flow to and from accounts without the need for bank-account numbers.

To receive instant payments via the new streamlined checkout, online merchants must have incorporated a Payburner wallet, but buyers need only be able to spend XRP. “Anyone with a website can receive XRP payments easily,” writes DeWitt in his post. The new feature, he adds, is aimed at sellers of both physical and digital goods. 


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