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M&A activity within the merchant acquiring industry persisted this week with the announcements of a couple notable deals. First off, Payroc announced their acquisition of Blackline Partners, LLC (dba eConduit), which is primarily a technology provider that focuses on enabling software companies the ability to integrate payment processing capabilities into their platform. This acquisition provides Payroc’s software partners and point of sale (POS) systems a single cloud integration point to a variety of payment terminals and ultimately eases the process for software solutions to accept in-person EMV payments at checkout.

Separately, Fleetcor announced on Thursday (September 17th) their acquisition of cross-border payments provider, Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX). While this transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, it further enhances Fleetcor’s global offerings and cross-border payment and risk solutions. Furthermore, the acquisition of AFEX brings additional payment volumes for Fleetcor and their cross-border platform. AFEX handles more than $22 billion in annual payment volume across their 35,000 customers.
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